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OB from the Olympic Park

Russell Clarke and Robert Elms live on BBC Radio London at the Olympic Park, August 2012.

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  1. Just a quick word to say that your slot on the Robert Elms show is my favourite. That’s good going as there are many superb contributors on that programme. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Russell – Just been listening to you on Robert`s show ….
    I hope next time you mention the obvious plagiarism issues surrounding Led Zeppelin
    Led Zeppelin Plagiarism Part 1 –

    Led Zeppelin Plagiarism Part 2 –

    Led Zeppelin Plagiarism Part 3 –


  3. Love your Robert Elms slot. I downloaded the Ziggy podcast, which was brilliant, and somehow I`ve deleted it! Is there any way of me getting hold of it again?

    Many thanks, and keep up the great work.

    Mark Francisko, Cyprus.

    • Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

      Do you happen to remember which Ziggy piece it was. I did 2 or 3 last year. A couple in Jan when it was Bowie’s birthday and one again in the summer when it was the 40th anniversary of his TOTP appearance.


      • Hi. Thanks for your speedy reply. I`m pretty sure it was the second part of the January podcast. I`ve tried to listen to the low fi clips that you have kindly put up for me,, but unfortunately I can`t seem to hear anything!. Many thanks for taking the time and effort to help me.
        I look forward to your next appearance with Mr. Elms.

        Mark, Cyprus.

      • Hello, sorry if this has been said elsewhere, but i’d really like to download old Rock and Roll rooutemaster episodes – as a podcast – I agree with other its my favour part of the Robert Elms Show, does anyone know where i can find these?

      • Roger
        I don’t tend to keep recordings of what I do I’m afraid and the BBC don’t keep them for any more than a month (It used to be only a week). I only have a couple of very lo-fi ones from a while back.

        There is a Robert Elms Show podcast I think, on iTunes


  4. Hi Russell,My Absolute highlight of the week in a rather mundane job of operating Heavy construction machinery is Rock and Roll route master on Robert Elms show.
    Todays topic of Dark side of the Moon was brilliant as usual and just thought id look you up to say Thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work
    Peter,Holloway Road

    • Peter

      Very kind of you to get in touch. I get a little feedback here and there and I’m always happy to hear it – especially if it’s positive.

      All that Robert and Sarah, his producer, have ever said is remember the listeners are probably older than 35 and younger than 70 so choose a topic that fits that. hence choosing the Floyd, and what a great record DSOTM is and I enjoyed listening to it again after what was probably quite a few years when I was putting my notes together for Robert’s show. In two weeks I’m doing something on Clapton. It’s his birthday and he has an interesting new album out.

      Thanks for your comments and all the best

      Russell Clarke

  5. thanks russell ,

    i’ll dig a little deeper as you suggest , i love the bits they don’t want us to know especially …

    cheers , pete clark.

    • Bravo sir. Today’s faces feature excellent as always. Never quite understood the small faces, faces connection. Always pitied Steve Marriott.  Seemed to be the nearly man all the time. Saw him at the Half Moon perhaps 5 years before his death. Astonishingly good gig. Thanks again, Brian 

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

  6. Hi Russell, I’ve just heard your fantastic piece on the Robert Elms show regarding the Crystal Palace Garden Parties (I’ve still got the tickets). We were at most of the 1970’s ones and have very fond memories of the very chilled out atmosphere and great eclectic line ups. The James Taylor set that finished with Fire & Rain has always stuck in my mind due to the thunderstorm that developed with black skies and thunder and lightening, although the rain held off until he had finished. We just made it back to our car before the heavens opened! Your Robert Elms pieces should be available as podcasts. Great stuff. Martin Sans

  7. Hi Russell Clarke, enjoy your regular slots on Elmsey’s show, they always seem well researched. Wonder if you might consider doing an item on two of the best, fun bands to see live in London in the 1980’s-The Electric Bluebirds & The Balham Alligators. Particularly liked the Electric Bluebirds, (should have been bigger), saw them lots of times at The Dublin Castle, and I think I saw them as support to Richard Thompson or Queen Ida at The Mean Fiddler, The Venue or Dingwalls, although memory might be playing tricks. Whilst I’m writing why not do an item too on the great Richard & Linda Thompson. Bye, dee, bye, come on u R’s!, (ditch this years shitty kits!!!). Where have the hoops gone on the sleeves & back?!.

  8. Hello Russell.

    A belated happy new year to you and yours.

    I live in Southall. I am aware that Led Zeppelin played the Northcote Arms, just after playing Madison Square Gardens in 1971. My question to you is, there used to be three pubs in town. The White Hart, The Nortcote Arms and The Tudor Tavern, which is still there.
    Would these venues have been on the circuit in the 60’s and 70’s?. I’m thinking of The Who, Rolling Stones and Deep Purple.

    Best wishes.

    Mr Rafik Latif.

    • Rafik

      Thanks for the email. Zep played the Northcote in March 1969 just after coming back from their first US tour when they weren’t quite big enough to play MSG, but it’s still quite a claim to fame. In fact it took a while for the UK to catch up with the US in terms of popularity. They were huge in popularity over there and were still playing pubs here although as you say there were certain pubs that were part of a circuit all over London and could hold 500-700 paying guests. In West London terms there was most definitely a circuit and the Stones and earlier incarnations of Deep Purple would gave played there, especially Episode Six Purple’s forerunner who were from Hounslow

      Best wishes

      Russell Clarke

  9. Hi Russell,

    Just to say hope all goes well with your show in Edinburgh – i have always looked forward to your segments on Roberts shows over the years and would always pull over whenever i was driving around London to concentrate.

    I’ve now moved over to NZ with my family, but continue with catch up regularly with shows and your segments, but miss not listening live and ringing in to add my 2 pence worth into a discussion.

    All the best Tom

  10. Hi Russell. Just listened to the 2is segment on Roberts show. Really great info. & so detailed.
    Andy Snell

  11. Hi Russell, I have just sent you an email about a possible subject for your feature on Robert Elms show, I hope you get a chance to read it…cheers Steve

  12. Dear Russell, is there anyway I can listen to/download all of your broadcasts with Robert Elms? I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single one but there’s loads I’ve missed I’m sure

    • I don’t think there is, For all sorts of copyright reasons, I am unable to record them and reuse them online so I tend not to bother. There may be some on Youtube or perhaps some of the Robert Elms Facebook groups make copies.
      Thanks for the kind words
      Best wishes

      • Oh ok. Guess I’ll have to trawl thru Robert’s shows then zzzz. Haha

        Thanks, Mark

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