Booking the Routemaster

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Routemaster is available for corporate events.

Client events and staff get-togethers have changed in the last few years. Instead of paying high prices to take important clients or high-performing staff to big shows or sporting events, companies are thinking more laterally and coming up with more interesting – and more cost-effective – ways of entertaining important people. So liven up your company or client evening with one or two hours of the Rock ‘n’Roll Routemaster.

I have a 30-year career in Sales, Business Development and Marketing and have used the presentation skills I have acquired in that time to develop a range of hugely interesting and interactive presentations that are ideal for client events or staff events.

Each lasts around an hour or can be customised to your exact requirements. I currently offer the following choices:

  1. The Six Random Unknown events that explain the entire history of British rock and roll;
  2. The Chain of Trivia: from the King to Queen in 10 steps, each linked to the next by awesome bits of rock and roll trivia;
  3. The Circle of Trivia: from the Beatles back to the Beatles in 10 stages, all joined by yet more amazing rock and roll trivia;
  4. …and the Best Damn Pop Quiz in the Country.

If you’d like to discuss what an Evening with the Rock ‘n’ Routemaster can bring to your business, contact me on and we’ll talk.