Thursday Night Live

There’s a series of live events in Hyde Park with Robert Elms starting next Thursday 5 July called Thursday Night Live. They are every Thursday at 7.30pm throughout July and August and so far I have agreed to appear at three of them.

Of course I’ll do it, Bob, I said, admittedly before completely thinking it through, I’ll do a bit on the Stones in the Park in 1969, before thinking that maybe, just maybe people may not want to pony up cash money to see me droning on about who made Mick Jagger’s skirt 40 years ago when they can get stuff like that for free on the BBC every other Wednesday. It was Mr Fish of Mayfair by the way. 17 Clifford Street to be exact. Anyway I am quietly excited about appearing to be honest. Roll on Thursday.

The evenings are essentially live versions of the Robert Elms Show in front of audience in the gorgeous new pavillion in front of the Serpentine Gallery. Apparently 250-plus people can fit beneath the pond-roof and Robert and I will be sitting in the middle of them all, talking about The Stones free concert in Hyde Park in 1969. Max Hutchinson from the radio show will be there, as will some genuinely interesting guests – magicians, singers and comedians – before Gary Kemp, ex-Spandau Ballet leader, all-round very nice bloke and as it happens still Robert Elms’ best friend 30 years on from Billy’s on Dean Street – finishes things off with an acoustic set of Spandau classics. In future weeks Chas Hodges and Suggs are lined up and I think I could retire a happy man if I can say I shared a stage with any of these chaps.


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